La PACA region organized this gathering last weekend at Country Club Padel. A first in France for the youth detection talents.

The initiative for this detection was the work of Christian Collange, the president of the regional commission padel. On the new grounds of Padel of the League, the PACA League was able to welcome young people from all over the region spotted by their teachers in the clubs.

An approach to be retained for all the other leagues to allow the development of the padel throughout France.

young people detection PACA league padel 2021

The day was rich in padel and in various workshops to determine whether the young people present met the selection criteria.

And it's not over because the PACA League organizes other detection sessions. The next one will be on June 12, and there will also be one in July..

Do not hesitate to register your young people who wish to continue to progress in this sport!

source: Facebook PACA league

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