As part of the finals weekend of the Betclic Remontada Padel, we were able to attend a demonstration of padel armchair with Dorian Navarro, Sébastien Husser Walther but also Tony Boval and the Dutchman Robin Ammerlaan.

Dorian and Sébastien come to our microphone and give us a brief overview of the practice in France.

Play at padel in mythical places

If someone had told us that we were going to visit all these legendary places like Roland-Garros and now the Eiffel Tower, we would never have believed it. If we look back in March 2022, it seemed impossible to us.

France still behind Spain but we are getting closer

We go through tournaments to compete against the best players, particularly the Spanish. With Dorian, as much on an international tournament in France in 2023 as on the tournament in Barcelona that we have just played, we annoy them and we manage to beat them. They see that we are progressing and that the level is getting tighter: that is the objective.

Afterwards I think that what we are missing is experience because 15 years of padel armchair, it cannot be made up like that. And also knowledge of the game and tactics.

France, second nation in padel armchair

Both in terms of the level of the best players, the number of players but also the development of the circuit in France, we can say that we are the second nation. We now have a real circuit within the French Tennis Federation, we have been incorporated into the competition. We are very happy to have our first French Championships padel chair in Strasbourg in 2024.

Frequent changes of partners padel armchair

It is a moral rule imposed between players at the top of the ranking to make others want to progress, to access the competition and that it is not reserved for the 3/4 best pairs. We are more in a development perspective, to avoid making the competition too rigid.

The program for the coming months

An official tournament organized by Sébastien and me, a big tour on the Côte d'Azur between Nice/Cagnes-sur-mer/Antibes, and doing a lot of traveling (in the north, to Bordeaux...) and the French championships will arrive very quickly. The Spanish season ends in June, so no trips abroad planned.

La 3rd edition of the international tournament the 4PADEL Montreuil

We are still trying with Albane (who organizes the tournament) to progress the event, to bring in as many players as possible, with several nations represented. The objective is also to create a feminine painting.

Watch the interview with Dorian Navarro and Sébastien Husser Walther in its entirety:

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