PADEL ATTITUDE expands its first center in Lesquin and becomes the largest indoor center in padel in the North of Spain!

Since now 2 years, the Lille metropolis is affected by the paddle virus (pronounced "padel"), this perfect racket sport mixture of tennis and squash. The first PADEL ATTITUDE center, a pioneer in France, is surfing on its development and is expanding with 4 additional indoor fields. The opportunity to become THE reference in the North of Spain and confirm its willingness to develop this practice in the coming years.

Padel, leisure sport for all

Perfect mix of squash, tennis and pelota, Padel is a racket sport practiced on a short framed window and grill. It is played in duplicate with a specific material. Its qualities make it a leisure sport very playful and accessible to all: from 7 to 77 years, for both men and women!
« After Argentina and Spain padel is now developing all over the world (Italy, Australia, USA, Sweden ...). It does not take more than 5 minutes to have fun, it's very fun! Ideal for a seminar for example, managers are fond of the concept and appreciate the cohesion created through the sessions. Women also fall in love and are more numerous on the field every day. What do they really appreciate? The pleasure of the game without worrying about the image of the cult of the body. Says Pascal Duhamel, one of the founding 2 of Padel Attitude.

Padel Attitude Lesquin, reference center in France

Since now almost 2 years, the craze continues to grow in the center of Lesquin, located in the immediate vicinity of other innovative leisure complexes (What's up, Weembi) and next to the Mercure Hotel. It is in this dynamic context that Padel Attitude will open 4 additional indoor fields at the beginning of July.
« Whether for corporate seminars or for our regular players, this arrival of new land will allow us to provide a better level of service to our customers by almost doubling our capacity. At the sporting level, we will confirm our position of specialist with a complex reference in France. We will host the French championships next October. "Concludes Thibaut Nollet, his partner.

Padel, an addictive sport:

  • The terrain measures 10 × 20 meters, delimited by 4m high windows and fences.
  • In doubles, with rules similar to those of the tennis and a service "spoon".
  • Snowshoes smaller and full, with balls close to those of tennis.
  • 5 millions of practitioners in Argentina, more than 3 millions in Spain
  • A professional circuit with male and female tournaments (World Padel Tour)
  • Padel Attitude Lille-Lesquin in a few words:
  • Near 3000m² indoor dedicated to Padel
  • 9 indoor and 1 outdoor courts
  • A club-house area, a shop, a seminar room
  • The reception of the championships of France (FFT) mid-October

Contacts and social networks:
87 Street Gustave Delory / 59 810 LESQUIN

Press contacts:
Pascal Duhamel - 06 15 73 24 37

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.