Padel Consortium

Passionate about more than 20 years, we support the development of Padel, in an advisory and security approach. The sustainability of a club, the safety of players, the best materials and equipment, original events with undeniable visibility, the choice of our partners, are essential in our approach.

The court is 100% French: conforms to French standards for public reception on a metal and glass enclosure. 

For the partners of the consortium, we have drawn up specifications specifying the obligation to provide this certificate.

This short made for PHENIX EVENTS by the Society TROISEL à Colomiers is unique on the market, presenting unparalleled solidity characteristics, while preserving the rebound qualities of course but also visibility for spectators. We are also developing a range of courts for areas at risk, either in concrete, or in metal and opaque walls.

We have entered into a partnership with a European manufacturer PADEL International which presents all the guarantees of seriousness and reliability and that we represent in France.

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Padel Consortium offers quality and tested products: