More and more hotels and resorts around the world have begun to open their doors to padel courts, and choosing the right one, in perfect harmony with such an exclusive setting, is crucial.

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The marriage of padel and resort is becoming firmly established in all parts of the world. The relatively low costs and limited space that a padel court needs, not to mention the addiction that the sport is generating on people of all ages are unquestionably valid explanations for this phenomenon.

The expansion of padel is now under everyone's eyes, even under those of the owners of the most important and exclusive resorts in the world, for whom the decision to install new padel courts was rather simple: just think that in the space occupied by a tennis court it is possible to make as many as three padel courts, to understand what has been one of the most popular practices that today allows thousands of tourists to have fun on 20x10 even on vacation!

Thus, even in those resorts where there was not enough space due to the presence of other sports facilities, envisaging the inclusion of new padel courts was rather simple and natural.

But how to choose the ideal padel court for a resort? And what aspects to pay attention to?

There are three cornerstones that any person about to invest in padel should always have in mind, but they gain even more value and importance in the case of hotels, resorts, or tourist facilities: quality, safety, and aesthetics.

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No resort manager would ever want a padel court that does not function properly, let alone one that will have to be replaced after two or three years, and therefore, having a product of the highest quality becomes essential.

Impossible in this regard, not to mention NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts, which, not surprisingly, are the protagonists of the newest installation at Club Med Les Boucaniers, flagship of the resorts in Martinique, where about two months ago as many as 6 padel courts were installed in the N1A model, the top model of the NXPadel range.

Guided by the desire to innovate the industry, this revolutionary Italian company has in fact reinvented all and among the main components of the padel court by replacing the classic iron structure with that of Fiberglass, tempered glass with ComfortGlass and synthetic turf with ZeroS, and to do so they have scrupulously adhered to the parameters set by the IPF in order to ensure perfect bounce and playability, testing everything in the laboratory.

Turning to the maintenance aspect, Fiberglass is chemically anti-rust, which allows NX's courts to be unique in this sector and perfectly positioned in a market such as resorts where outdoor courts (especially near the sea) are widespread.

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Coming to the safety aspect, it is good to make a distinction between the Fiberglass structure and ComfortGlass, the special acrylic compound from which the glass in NX's courts are made: the former, being far more elastic and resilient than iron, means that when a player goes to impact with his body on the fence, he will benefit from perfect shock absorption, preventing injury or muscle pain.

ComfortGlass, on the other hand, is, thanks to its composition, the first indestructible padel glass and therefore the safest option in the industry. A real game changer for players, installers and as in this case also Resort Managers and tourists, who will benefit from a product that is totally risk-free for their guests.

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Last but not least, aesthetics. Hotels and resorts are often and frequently, exclusive and, even aesthetically, state-of-the-art environments, capable of arousing in their customers a sense of well-being, order and precision at a glance.

Again, with NXPadel's courts, you are on the safe side: as already mentioned, the fact that they are rustproof is an incredible advantage also and above all from an aesthetic point of view, and if we also add to this the fact that both the structure and the ComfortGlass are designed to be scratch-resistant, this only guarantees that they will always look perfect over time. But there's more.

Just this past April, the Italian company launched its most ambitious project ever: it is NXPadel Selection, a limited-edition collection of three Fiberglass padel courts with unprecedented aesthetics. In NXPadel Selection, three iconic finishes give life to the three models that make up this collection: The David (in marble), The Spectre (in carbon fiber), and The Timber (in wood), each with a story to tell and each ready to excite and stimulate the most precious and exclusive side of those who will be able to recognize themselves in it.

Needless to say, for a hotel or resort, there is no better solution.

Are you the next resort manager planning to open padel courts in your facility? After this article you have in your hand a complete guide to all the key aspects of a winning project!

We look forward to visiting you!