The number one amateur circuit in France, ended its season 'on Padel Infinity Tour 2016 'at Toulouse Padel Club with a final tournament bringing together 75 pairs from all over France.

This circuit lasted a whole season, for the first of its kind, from October 2015 to September 2016 with no less than 11 tournaments spread over this period. The Padel Infinity Tour 2016 has passed through Toulouse, Perpignan, Castres, Bordeaux, Poitiers, Lyon, Montpellier etc. ... Next year is already explosive.

Clément Arico, President of Padel Infinity explains that “Above all, this circuit was created, designed and thought out by a team of passionate Padel for players of padel Amateur seeking to compete in a spirit padel in the Spanish way ».

The unique formula in France, allows you to have fun and enjoy a padel weekend.

In figures the Padel Infinity Tour 2016 is more than 1000 players who took part in the different stages! All tournaments complete from start to finish.

The results of the 12st Step and last step!

75 teams therefore gathered at Toulouse Padel Club! Making this tournament on 2st in affluence after the inauguration of this same Club last April (88 pairs).

On Saturday no surprise for the advanced male, the strongest respected their ranks.

The big battle came from the other tables where many teams fought until the tie-break for the categories: Male Intermediate, Male initiation, Feminine, Mixed and mixed intermediate / initiation.

After 6 games for some and 3 for others, on Saturday evening, the paella evening filled empty stomachs. But Sunday is already here and serious things are starting !!

The semi-finals are hotly contested! The pair Nicolas Trancart / Bertrand Goutires narrowly came out 7/6 6/3 against Poitiers Alexandre Lerustre and Baptiste Poey who had already made a big match against Emmanuel Tecles and Olivier Disbeaux, winners in the Super tie-break 10/8 !

On the other hand, the Boronad brothers reach the final not without difficulty too! Quarter-winners of Kévin Tournemire and Christophe Perrier! They will beat Eyal Bensimon and Etienne Dubarnet in the semi-finals with great difficulty in 2 very tight sets 7/5 6/3.

The final therefore opposes the local pair of Toulouse Bertrand Goutires and Nicolas Trancart against the Boronad brothers. The match is well mastered by the Toulouse players who will win in a very beautiful final on spectacular points 6/3 6/3!

And the others ?

All the other categories were also played on Sunday, the Mixed Inter / initiation saw a final 100% Perpignanaise on Toulouse soil with a victory for Guillaume Bachaud and Paulin Archilla against Stéphane Lacan and Cécile Galtie.

The Mixed saw the victory of Caroline Courmont and Jonathan Agius came from Nice face a pair composed mid-Poitou mid-Toulon Marianne Vandaele and Baptiste Poey.

The Feminine was very well mastered by Caroline and Marianne teaming up for the occasion!

The men's Initiation was won by Anthony Chereau and Miguel Reseco.

Finally the men's category with the largest number of pairs saw the victory of Toulouse Christophe Militzer and Luis Ribeiro against Bordeaux Stephane Vergnère and Peio Sarlangues in terms of a real obstacle course.

And now ?

Adidas Padel has been a great asset in the development of this event and has allowed the brand to develop through a circuit recognized in France.

Le Padel Infinity Tour 2017 starts in October 2016 with the first stage at Soccer Park in Bordeaux on the 4 new pitches! 12 tournaments are already scheduled!

José Luis Lara Salines joins the Padel Infinity Tour 2017 for a clinic series (more info soon)

NexxoPadel, young brand of padel becomes a partner in this great adventure!

Long live it Padel !!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.