Padel Magazine is the French-speaking media of reference for padel. Very present internationally, we are looking for an employee capable of working with the entire team throughout the year.

The missions are varied and mainly focus on:

  • Continuous writing of posts and articles
  • Media coverage in France and abroad

Mastering the tools below is a plus:

  • Social media management
  • Production of videos for social networks
  • Video editing and interviews

We are looking for a person who:

  • Master Spanish
  • Follow the news of padel
  • Is obviously a fan of this sport
  • Can write correctly

Do not hesitate to contact us :

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.