If you follow the padel professional, you have already noticed the differences in style and approach between men's and women's matches.

A slower game for girls

Since women are less powerful than men, they are not able to finish points in two racket strokes. Even if we find among the best in the world, players with a big smash and an ease for finishing points – like Sofia Araujo, Bea Gonzalez or Gemma Triay – girls generally have to rely more on patience, and wait for the perfect moment to conclude.

We therefore often deal with tactical battles during women's matches, with a lot of lobs and exchanges. Obviously, these observations should not be generalized too much. A style of play that can lead to very big fights, like for example this meeting between Triay/Ortega and Llaguno/Sainz which lasted 3h20 at the Greenweez Paris Major!

Physical phenomena in men

The growing media coverage of padel In recent years, professional players have more time and resources to prepare, contributing to an overall improvement in performance. The emphasis on physical preparation and technical work made it possible to increase the speed, power and precision of shots.

Players such as Juan Tello, known for his great physical power, or like Federico Chingotto, with his sensational ground coverage, clearly show that players of padel are always more athletic. We can see how much the sport has evolved when we look at the age of the players in the Top 100. To put it simply, it is more and more complicated to exist for people in their forties...

Belasteguin Yanguas defense WPT Danish Open 2023

If you padel The men's game remains incredibly tactical, it is always more physical, with winning points becoming more and more numerous among the men. The “winning hit machines” Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia perfectly embody this renewal and even encourage some to wonder if the tracks should not be extended in the future!

You have understood, a bit like in many mature sports, we notice at the padel that the style of play is not quite the same for men as for women. So, if you want to see as many incredible moves as possible, watch the men's matches instead. But if you prefer long points and fierce tactical battles, then check out the girls' side instead!

To please you and to illustrate these words a little (or not), we leave you the best of World Padel Tour at mid-season just below!

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