The padel is evolving, and the players are more and more aggressive. Padel manufacturers have understood this and are always offering more power focused models! Overview.

You want to set the ball on fire ? Here are some snowshoes you might like!


Range Delta from Head will satisfy all players looking for a great ball exit. With Power Foam, you are sure to never play small arms. Looking for a high-end attacking pala? The Delta Hybrid is surely made for you, unless you are looking for more lightness, in which case it is the Delta Motion which should please you more!


Wilson was already offering a power focused diamond-shaped racquet, the'Ultra by Nicole Traviesa. But everyone was waiting for the collaboration between Wilson and Fernando Belasteguin! The Wilson X Bela range just released offers three racquets, with similar molds but materials suitable for each level. The high-end version, the Bela Pro, is composed of a rigid foam and Primero carbon, for never run out of power.

WIlson Bela Pro - racket head


At Nox, lovers of powerful palas are spoiled for choice. Enter here MJ10 by Majo Alayeto, the new Nox Nerbo and its 18k carbon ML10 Shotgun by Miguel Lamperti, or the Luxury Titanium 3k and Luxury Titanium 18k, the brand offers several high-end diamond-shaped racquets to meet the demands of players looking for power!


At Bullpadel, you have the choice between several high quality teardrop / diamond shaped palas used by players of the World Padel Tour who do not really lack arms! There is something for everyone, depending on your attacking profile, you have the choice between the 02 Hack by Paquito Navarro, the Vertex 02 by Maxi Sanchez, the Vertex Comfort by Juan Tello, or the Hack Comfort, used by Javier Martinez Vazquez on the WPT!


Varlion offers high-end palas with each time the choice between two different erasers : a flexible one for the winter, and a more rigid one for the summer. Here again, the attackers will be delighted since the brand has several models at the height of innovation, focused on power. The Bourne Canon, Or the Avant will delight players with an offensive profile!


Kuikma still offers two palas of power, intended for expert players. Whether you are a fan of flexible or rigid rubber, you have the choice between the PR990 Power Soft and the PR990 Power Hard !

Black Crown

As the name suggests, the Black Crown Piton Attack Plus is a racket that does not lack bite! Used by Aitor Garcia on the World Padel Tour, this pala with a rough finish will allow you to make all the attacks effortlessly!

Black Crown Piton Attack Plus


Cartri, a brand that offers top quality palas, handcrafted in Spain, is no exception. The most focused “attacking” model is undoubtedly the Thunder II, a pala with weight in the lead and a great ball exit, with which you should send lightning on the ground! Let's not forget the Triumph pro cup, real handyman pala, which, thanks to its 24k carbon on the sides, allows you to never run out of power when it comes to finishing.


At Babolat, too, players looking for power have a choice. Whether you are an air, technical, or blocker attacker, you will inevitably find a Viper adapted to your game. Air Viper, Technical Viper and Counter Viper: it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!


At Kelme, attack rackets are a real religion. The brand with the leg offers models that will allow you to roar on the track. The Kelme Gray Wolf coming out in the next few days promises to send cannonballs. Without forgetting the Jackal and its great ball exit.


Dunlop also offers powerful palas, like the Nemesis by Ramiro Moyano, Or the Galactica by Juani Mieres, versatile pala, slightly in the lead, which does not lack bite when it comes to completing the points!

Royal Padel

Royal Padel, the brand expert in the absorption of vibrations, offers an attack pala, in the shape of a drop, which, thanks to its polyethylene foam will bring you a great exit of the ball, while not putting too much pressure on your joints : the mythical M27.

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