Yesterday Tuesday June 2, 2020 was a big day for padel fans who have not been able to practice their favorite activity for more than 2 months.

Many of you have been able to play padel yesterday. In the green zone, you could even play in clubs indoor. You have normally been able to benefit from a niche fairly quickly since in France, clubs, whether in the orange or green zone, have the chance to ability to rent their courts at full capacity.

For comparison, this is not at all the case in Spain for example, where the clubs can only open at 30% of their maximum capacity. It must also be said that in Spain, there are clubs with sometimes 30 or 40 tracks, which is obviously much more difficult to manage ...

You can take lessons with a teacher, up to 3 students + 1 professional teacher or 4 students with the professional teacher outside the play area. The good news is that you can play 4, a very very nice surprise concocted by the French Tennis Federation!

O sidebligations, of course clear the grounds at the end of your game. The clubs provide cleaners to properly disinfect windows, grilles and nets. During the game, you must take care not to change sides, not to touch the structure too much, and to bring your own balls and mark them. Do not touch other balls with your hands.

You now know everything you can do on a padel court, all you have to do is go play!

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