Choosing a padel racket is never easy. Many parameters influence the behavior of a pala. Today, focus on weight.

You will soon be able to find your way back to the padel tracks, and some of you will want to come back with a brand new racket. Among the characteristics not to be overlooked when making your choice: the weight of the racket.

Generally, commercially available adult padel rackets have an oscillating weight between 350 and 385 grams. This difference of 35 grams, which may seem derisory, will in reality have a considerable influence when making certain moves.

The heavier your pala, the harder it will hit you. So players who earn a lot of points through their smash, or just those in search of power, will choose a rather heavy pala (weight of 375 grams or more). In addition, they will generally opt for a diamond or drop of water format, for more weight in mind.

Some WPT players play with palas which, once the overgrips are put, exceed 400 grams. They even sometimes sink their rackets. It gives them a considerable advantage to smash but is a disadvantage in defense (Professional players have such a good technique that they can afford to “sacrifice” a little defense control to gain more smash points).

For an amateur it is different, a Too heavy pala will cost you a lot of defense points, and you will find it hard to move it on the fly. You have to keep in mind that you need a certain physical strength to be able to play a whole game with a heavy pala. Too much weight and especially too much weight in mind may hurt your joints.

So for beginners, players elbow sufferers, those seeking to gain control and maneuverability, or those who do not have sufficient strength, it is advisable not to take a pala too heavy (weight <370g) and of rather round shape.

As we saw during our focus on mosses, the perfect padel racket does not exist, it's up to each of choose a pala that best matches your level, technique, and goals. It will therefore be necessary to pay close attention to all the parameters, from the shape to the foam, including the weight, and even the hole arrangement...

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