Padel References : a team of true passionate padel whose expertise in the field of padel has grown over time and over time.

“Like many, we started with a classic beginner's racket and gradually managed to find one that suited our profile and style of play.

Today, we are using this experience to advise you and direct you to the equipment you need.

Whether it is on the ground of padel or in the quality of the service we offer you, we are the most demanding. We work every day to cultivate the trust you place in us. We return it to you as soon as you give us the opportunity. Your satisfaction is our reward.

In the end, it's a bit like a window service followed by a scraped volley and concluded with a par 3: we do everything we can to satisfy you. ”

Padel Reference what is it?

"It is the French reference site for the purchase of equipment for padel. We have created this website to provide material for padel affordable for everyone. You can order with your eyes closed. We take care of everything.

As a boutique specializing in Padel, we offer all the equipment you need to improve your game, your comfort and thus progress or have fun, depending on your objective. We offer the snowshoes Padel of the biggest brands. Starting with flagship brands like Head Padel, Adidas Padel, Babolat Padel but also specific brands padel like Varlion, Starvie, Bullpadel or Nox.

You can find on our site all the equipment of padel necessary. Snowshoes padel quality, bags of padel for more comfort, shoes to practice in the best conditions and accessories to improve your game. Padel References for more information."

Equipment for all players and all levels

“Whether you are a player of padel beginner or regular, we have everything you need. From the light, comfortable and manoeuvrable racquet to the padel powerful and efficient for confirmed and ultra offensive players.

Do not neglect the choice of your equipment padel. He is directly responsible for the pleasure you take on the court. To progress in good conditions, it will be a question of taking the time to choose quality equipment. ”

Tell us who you are, we'll tell you which gear to choose!

"Choosing a racquet padel is not that easy. It will be easier for you if you ask us for advice.

To determine the racquet you will need, you will need to ask us several questions, here are some of them:

  • What is my overall level? What is my technical level?
  • In what situation am I least comfortable on the court?
  • Do I need more power to challenge my opponents?
  • I make too many unforced errors… In return of service? When I'm at the net?
  • Do I have pain when I play padel?

The answers to these questions will allow us to determine the make and model of racket that is right for you. ”

The + of Padel Reference?

The little additional services that make the difference:

  • Low prices all year round on all equipment Padel
  • Frequent promotions
  • 3x free of charge
  • Free delivery from 69 euros of purchase

What to do on Padel References

"Sure Padel Reference, you will be able to browse from product to product and take the time to find the racket, the bag, the pair of shoes that will suit you.

You can get information and be advised by our team to guide you to the equipment you need.

You can buy with confidence and take advantage of the best prices on our entire catalog.

You will be able to take full advantage of your padel and feast on the courts! ”

Delivery with small onions

“We ship the products twice a day to ensure the fastest possible delivery. Order and receive your products padel at your home or at a relay point as soon as possible. ”

Tested and approved for you

"In Padel Reference, we test almost all of the rackets we offer for you. Choosing a racquet is often a matter of feeling. We will be able to give you as much information as possible so that you make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

The quality of your material is our main concern. You have questions, need advice or information on the equipment, go to or contact us directly by phone. ”

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.