The second edition of Padel Trend Expo, the first major international event entirely dedicated to the community and the industry padel, ended yesterday at the Allianz MiCo. The event saw a remarkable turnout with more than 22 participants in three days, representing an increase of 000% compared to 23.

Beautiful people present

Organized by Next Group, an integrated communications agency, in collaboration with the Italian Tennis and Football Federation Padel – which exhibited the Davis Cup on its stand, the subject of thousands of photos taken by the public – with the support of the city of Milan, the entertainment “fair” also experienced significant figures for this edition, with an increase of 20% of stand sales (120) and a 28% increase in the presence of national and international brands (145).

The diversity of the program has been a strong point, with the prestigious international academies of padel such as M3 Padel Academy, Sanyo Academy, Cepac Padel Academy, PadelMBA, Rapha Nadal Academy, Royal Padel Academy, SPH and MVM. Top players such as Pablo Lima, Mati Diaz, Mike Yanguas, Javier Garrido, Momo Gonzalez, Gonzalo Rubio, Teodoro Victor Zapata, Javier Ruiz González, Lucas Bergamini, Martin Pineiro, Tolito Aguirre, Alvaro Cepero, Fernando Poggi, Tito Allemandi, Federico Deep Nazar, Gaston Malacalza, Pedro Melendez Amaya, Carlos Perez Cabeza, José David Sanchez Serrano, Gemma Triay, Eli Amatrian, Veronica Virseda, Carolina Orsi, Lorena Vano, Sofia Saiz and Denise Hoefer also hosted the show.

Personalities from cinema, entertainment, radio, television, music and fashion marked their presence, as did former stars of football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and rugby. Exhibition competitions involving the likes of Zibi Boniek, Demetrio Albertini, Samir Handanovič, Esteban Cambiasso, Nicola Amoruso, Alessandro Budel, Andrea Barzagli, Papu Gomez, German Denis, Riccardo Maspero, Gianluca Zambrotta, Nelson Dida, Alessandro Matri, Riccardo Montolivo, Fernando Orsi, Francesco Coco, Antonio Cabrini, Gianluca Basile, Gianmarco Pozzecco, Claudio Coldebella, Piero Montecchi, Giacomo Galanda, Flavia Pennetta, Roberta Vinci, Maria Elena Camerin, Claudio Galli, Matteo Daolio, Paul Griffen and Matteo Barbini, Eleonora Daniele , Maribel Nadal, Claudia Peroni, Valentina Barbieri, Thomas Basilico, Federica Bertoni, Alex De Santis, Sarah Maestri and Davide Paniate also marked the event.

The presence of Radio Deejay with Rudy Zerbi, Gianluca Gazzoli, Matteo Curti, Alessandra Patitucci, Federico Pecchia and Davide Damiani added a special touch to the event.

Pickleball has also been a great success, attracting many curious and passionate people to the courts, which are occupied for 10 hours a day.

Inclusion at the heart of concerns

Major conferences took place on the first floor of the pavilion, inside the Inspiration Hub, including the first National Trauma Conference padel and the club of the future.

The presence of the Italian Tennis Federation and padel has once again been significant, exhibiting on its stand the legendary Davis Cup won last November in Malaga, and organizing numerous preparatory and competitive activities not only for secondary schools on their reserved field, but also paying particular attention to inclusion thanks to the important Wheelchair project.

Other activities were also organized on the theme, such as the European event of padel mixed race supported by the Entain Foundation between Spain, Italy, Ukraine, and England, where the Spaniards Oscar Agea and Marcos Cambronero once again won. To close the three days of inclusion, the Inclusive finals Padel Tour, an event reserved for players with motor disabilities, took place yesterday and was won by the Italian pair Enrico Rescaldina and Cristian Scandroglio, organized by Paralympic athlete Alessandro Ossola.

“We are enthusiastic about this second edition, not only for the growth in terms of numbers, but above all for the quality of the visitors – many of whom come from England, France, Sweden, the United States and China – with whom we shared every moment of this “party” of padel. The public, the exhibitors and the sponsors, whom I thank once again, as well as the FITP and the city of Milan, have really grasped the spirit of our initiative and this encourages us to do even better for the future”, concludes Luigi Spera, general director.