While third edition of the Greenweez Paris Major will be held from September 28 to October 6 at the Roland-Garros stadium and that the second edition of the French International Paris Squash will take place from September 15 to 21 at the Cirque d'hiver, let's organize an imaginary match between these two disciplines whose bridges are obvious...

Who will win the game?

The game

One comes from Mexico, the other from England.

One is played on a playing area of ​​6,40m x 9,75m surrounded by 4 walls, glass or not, one on a field of 10 mx 20 m, separated by a net, surrounded by glass and mesh walls : THE padel and squash are two racquet sports with some similarities.

The ball trajectories are also quite similar, which makes the practice of padel accessible for a squash player and vice versa. A tennis player will have to upset his benchmarks by including walls in his game.

Flying enthusiasts will be widely served at padel, but also in squash where volleying is one of the tactical foundations.

For offensive shots, both sports have them in abundance, with Hispanic names for the padel and British for squash. There vibora, bandeja, or the chiquita on one side and the nick, the boast or the kill on the squash side.

Hitting over the net and down will disorient squash players, and not having a teammate to cover the court will embarrass squash players. padelists.

Health benefits

In terms of physical benefits, let's immediately declare a draw!

Indeed, a study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine published in 2016 showed that regular practice of any racket sport reduces the risk of dying almost by half.

It is unanimously accepted that squash is the most cardio sport and therefore the most physical, although the exchanges in the padel can also be as long and intense, but the players share the effort... A player of padel However, he will struggle with the endurance and vivacity of a squash player. The match promises to be exciting!

Both intense sports with rapid and intense exchanges requiring high concentration to understand the trajectory of the balls, squash and padel are complete sports and perfect releases: they work the heart muscle, allow you to expend up to 900 kcal/hour and offer this wonderful opportunity to secrete dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of happiness.

And why not practice both?


France is in the top 3 of the best squash nations in the world. There are 200 squash players in France (and 000 with licenses), 20 regional leagues and 000 clubs, or 15 court for 400 inhabitants... But the little yellow ball seems to win: the madness of padel is such that the numbers of players and infrastructure are evolving at breakneck speed... In four years, the number of players has tripled, going from 80 in 000 to more than 2018 in 300.

From this point of view therefore, it is an ace for the padel... but let's not forget that there is great porosity between the two sports and that the players of padel are often squash players (70% of squash players play multiple activities, often with other racket sports).

The big family of racket sports therefore continues to grow for our greatest happiness.

The competitions

The Rendez Vous :

May the best win !