Padel Magazine - The last images we had of Juan Martin Dias and Fernando Belasteguin could give us the right to be skeptical about the pursuit of their careers… At the Barcelona WPT called the Barcelona Open Estrella Damm, the world numbers answered our fears with a wonderful victory against their pursuers in the world ranking, Mieres and Lima.

They won their 11e title in Barcelona on 12 presentations against their main rivals, Juan Mieres and Pablo Lima.

What a victory after being forced to forfeit the Madrid Masters final last December.

The sole of the foot and the knee problems are, hopefully behind us, for an extraordinary spectacle with Bela and “el papa” (The Pope) which promises to be this year after much rebound behind the scenes of the World Padel Tour.

The Real Club de Polo was packed and counted among its ranks Laurent and JM from the brand new padel club in Lyon (Padel Central). The stands no longer offered a single place available. Unfortunately for the world number two, nicknamed "the princes", it will be necessary once again to bow, for the umpteenth time in the final against always the same pair which decidedly, leaves very little crumb.

Let us note this fighting spirit that we proposed the numbers 2 world in spite of the loss of the first set and a correction (6-1). The princes will have been able, too, to show that we must continue to rely on them this year. They managed to win the 2e set 6 / 4. But then Bela and Juan will have just played too well to be worried for a moment.

The final result will be 6 / 1, 4 / 6, 6 / 2, 6 / 3 for "los reyes".

It's back for a year of madness!

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.