Little by little, different platforms are emerging and bringing together, for players and fans, different services such as pitch reservations, equipment comparisons, offers on textiles or shoes, club locations, etc. Everything you need to make practicing padel increasingly easier and, above all, so that you can do it wherever you are.

One of those who have the desire to popularize the free padel is, which, thanks to a simple registration, allows you to contact your next partner, club padel or coach in 54 countries.

The internationalization of sport is undeniable and that is why platforms of this type are more than useful, because once registered you will be able to access a wide range of possible match partners and other services without having to pay , all thanks to a simple search engine.

Plus, as if that wasn't enough, has several sections dedicated to equipment, in which you can see a comparison of shoes and rackets with their technical characteristics, and thus choose the one that suits you best.


As almost always behind every creation there is a story. In this case the protagonist is Kevin, a Frenchman passionate about padel who was traveling with his family in Spain.

Excited at the prospect of improving his skills on these days off, he had a hard time finding a trainer to train with. This situation led Kevin to think about the possibility of creating an online community where all players of padel who travel with their racket will be able to play wherever they want. This is how was born Padelat a hunt.

What can we find on Padelis?

On this international platform, you can find:

  • Players from padel with whom you can have fun in 54 countries
  • Coaches from padel to help you improve your level
  • Land of padel

In addition, the use of is completely free, you don't need any app to download, you can connect with players/coaches around the world and also get discounts on sports equipment.

On the website you can also find articles and interviews with people committed to growing the padel. /