Pierre and Arnaud Loubic, both passionate about racquet sports, opened the club in 2019 Padel Touch, in La Teste-de-Buch. The two brothers at the head of Nationale 1 finalist club in 2023 also launched PadelReference.com, an e-commerce site padel which we will focus on today.

An innovative synergy, a unique result!

In 2019, while the world of padel in France was growing by leaps and bounds, Arnaud and Pierre responded to a crucial need: a website to allow all enthusiasts to find and buy all the articles padel, PadelReference.com.
Today, the site celebrates its fifth anniversary. Despite increased competition and a saturated market, Padel Reference se differentiates by its commitment to offer more than a simple commercial transaction at the right price!

Indeed, at Padel Touch, many customers need advice when choosing a racket. This expertise, this know-how was listed and then translated to be accessible to all online customers who would not have the chance to be supported; THE PalaMatch was born ! The algorithm that allows you to find the racket(s) made for you!

Editor's note: we will develop this innovation later in a dedicated article.

Lessons learned

No project is free of errors and the two brothers are the first to admit it. One of the biggest lessons learned was the need to clearly communicate the connection between the club and the venue. Many customers are unaware of the connection even though the two entities are closely linked. This awareness, although late, was a decisive turning point in the evolution of Padel References.

Pierre and Arnaud also admit to having initially lacked visibility, preferring a discreet and passionate approach rather than an aggressive commercial approach. This modest start-up phase, however, allowed them to remain true to their values, avoiding being reduced to a simple soulless e-commerce site. Respectful of their customers and their values, they declare: “marketer a simply e-commerce site, that is to say without added value, did not seem useful enough for our customers”. This discretion and therefore this lack of turnover in the first years is the result of discreet media coverage.

Towards new horizons, make a reference!

Now while Padel Reference prepares to reach a new level, the team exclusively announces the release of a new website at the end of May!
The site promises a latest generation user interface for an optimal customer experience, integrating the choice of racket weight, the guide PalaMatch, and the introduction of new brands and partnerships. Regular promotions will also enrich the offer.

Arnaud and Pierre, both right-wing players, bring their qualities padelistics : patience, game vision and construction. Their expertise is a guarantee of confidence for the design of the new site, the launch of which will coincide with the Premier Padel P2 of Bordeaux.

For Arnaud and Pierre, the coincidence of this event with the first major international tournament of padel in Bordeaux is a strong symbol. For the club located not far from Bordeaux, in the Arcachon Basin, this synchronization of the calendars, far from being trivial, underlines the beginning of a promising era for the padel in the southwest of France!