Padel Business

Pay to see the WPT on TV?

May 25th

The padel can resume at 4 in Spain, an advance which could…


Padel racket: which carbon to choose?

May 24th

Padel rackets are little pieces of technology and it…

World Padel Tour

A risk of almost zero transmission to padel?

May 24th

What is the real risk of Covid-19 transmission during a match…


Jorge de Benito: “the padel is in crisis”

May 24th

We had the chance to interview Jorge de Benito, who was confined…

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ALL clubs eligible for the FFT stimulus plan

May 25th

Bernard Giudicelli, the President of the FFT, returned to the Marshall plan implemented by the…

Pay to see the WPT on TV?

May 25th

Padel can resume at 4 in Spain, an advance that could do the business of World Padel…

College of Scientific Experts meets this evening

May 25th

The French Tennis Federation gathers its college of scientific experts this evening. Padel, beach tennis, and…

A gel dispenser made for clubs

May 25th

The idea comes from a craftsman from the south of France. In order to allow all tennis clubs…

In Spain the padel resumes at full speed

May 25th

This is good news in Spain, where padel is the second most popular sport…

Juan Lebron trains on his knees

May 25th

It seems that Juan Lebron did not lose his talent during confinement. Back on the slopes,…

Club news

News Tournaments

Luigi Carraro: “In Italy, playing 2 vs 2 padel allowed”

May 24th

Playing padel 2 vs 2 will be possible again in Italy, starting tomorrow. This is…

A risk of almost zero transmission to padel?

May 24th

What is the real risk of Covid-19 transmission during a pair padel match? A…

Resumption of La Liga: hope for the WPT?

May 24th

Because of the Covid-19, the World Padel Tour has been suspended for almost three months now. With the recovery ...

Bastien Blanqué: “The European final hurt me”

May 23th

Back on the interview of the champion of France and player of the World Padel Tour Bastien Blanqué, Wednesday 20…

Retro WPT: Diaz / Lebron vs Stupa / Cristian

May 22th

Back in video on one of the most beautiful matches of the World Padel Tour in recent years:…

WPT Video - The best of Alba Galan

May 21th

Currently 17th in the World Padel Tour ranking, Alba Galan is a spectacular player, capable of evolving both…

10 of the most popular padel palas of 2020

May 19th

You will soon be able to find your way to the padel tracks and you want to invest in a new one…

Delta Hybrid: the most powerful pala Head

May 18th

The Head Delta Hybrid is the most powerful pala of the Austrian brand, perfect for those who…

The new Babolat Revenge Woman

May 17th

Shortly before the Master of Marbella, Babolat launched a high-end racket aimed at the public…

Bullpadel Vertex 02: the pala of Maxi Sanchez

May 16th

It is one of the most popular rackets from Bullpadel: the Vertex 02, a model chosen by Maxi…

Lamperti's revelations on his Nox ML10

May 16th

In an interview with our colleagues from el4Set, Miguel Lamperti answers all the questions that fans…

NOX: the anti-contamination padel ball

May 13th


Comparison of HEAD 2020 padel rackets

May 23th

Do you want to buy a new padel racket soon? Head Padel offers a graph allowing…

Black Crown Piton 8.0 VS Kuikma Hybrid Hard

May 22th

Small duel between two of the most sold versatile models at the start of 2020: the Black…

VARLION PADEL: The 20.1 Collection

May 22th

VARLION PADEL presents a new collection that will speak with the 20.1: More comfort and…

Black Crown protective masks

May 21th

The Spanish brand Black Crown offers masks. A new idea which gives access to padel tracks…

THE TRAP: “A tennis lesson taught on a padel court”

May 21th

Germán Jerez Lopez, the technical director of Padel Stuff, is one of the great figures in the teaching of padel…

The great initiative of Kelme Padel!

May 20th

The Spanish brand Kelme Padel invites you to take three rackets at home to test them, so that…


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