Paquito Navarro on the right to play alongside Franco Stupaczuk for the rest of the season in 2024: we will not lie to you, for the moment, we prefer to remain very cautious about this possibility as long as the players concerned do not decide first on their separation and then on their future collaboration.

Because yes, over the past few hours, the web has been buzzing and we will certainly see that certain rumors will prove true while others will fall into oblivion.

Paco / Stupa: an impossible marriage?

But for certain specialists, like Stéphane Penso, “seeing Paquito Navarro try the adventure again on the right seems pure fiction”.

It would then be a surreal association when we remember how much trouble Paco had on the right. In 2022, the episode with Juan Tello did not really prove to be conclusive. Paco did not hide and even considered that he was “catastrophic on the right”. It is doubtful that partners of the standing of the Argentinian Franco Stupaczuk would be ready to swap the right-wing specialist Martin Di Nenno for an alternating current Paco in this role.

Stupa and Di Nenno are not having a bad season, but we can clearly see that they cannot get past this milestone. And they no longer want this position of second knife. Especially since, unlike last year, they have not yet managed to win any event. So the separation between these two players, who like each other, is logical, because they are competitors and they want more.

For Lebron and Paquito, “it was established as soon as their new association was announced and we were not mistaken” explains Stéphane. It's a shame because both players have qualities that can complement each other. But mentally there are too many differences.

Pablo Cardona with Stupa, Penso's bet

“For me, seeing Stupa with Paco on the right seems impossible. Stupa, this is the big question… even if some are already putting forward this association. I think Stupa will have to choose a right-wing guy who is lower ranked than him.”

And why not retest a lefty like with his episode with Alex Ruiz? I can clearly see Pablo Cardona. He is a left-hander who is not even 20 years old yet and who plays and hits very hard. We saw it again in Bordeaux with its beautiful semi-final.

The game would not rest solely on Stupa's shoulders. And we know that in the past, playing with a left-hander has worked well for him. Cardona's problem is his ranking. He is still in 35th place in the world. Would Stupa take the risk of playing with a player with such a ranking?

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.