Expected respectively with Pablo Cardona and Martin Di Nenno, Paquito Navarro and Juan LeBron both announced the end of their association on Instagram. The two players, who are friends in life, will not have had the same success as in 2019 during this stage together but do not seem to mind it too much. Indeed, the Instagram publications of the two men are rather warm.

"THANKS @juanlebronc for this short but intense trip. It didn't go the way we had hoped, but it's always a privilege and an honor to be on your side of the tracks. And even more because you are a good friend. You will always have a place in my heart, because when I retire, I will say that with you, I fulfilled my childhood dream in 2019. Eternally grateful to you, your family and your team who have always supported us !

I wish you much success in your new project, little wolf.

Thank you also to you @rodri_ovide for accompanying us on this journey. We didn't make it easy for you, but I hope you also enjoyed good times like we did with you.

We will try to say goodbye to this team as it should be in Malaga. Thank you to everyone who supported us unconditionally.'

“Pacorro” my friend… this time, it couldn’t have happened as we wanted! Thank you for taking on the challenge and giving it your all. I am grateful to you for these months spent together and for the good times we had on and off the field! I am proud that together we have carried the flag of Andalusia around the world.

Thank you to the whole team, to the family... who were part of this adventure and accompanied us during this period. I wish you lots of success in your new project, you are really great!

Let’s enjoy this last dance together in Malaga!”

You have understood, the two men now want to say goodbye in the most beautiful way at Malaga P1. It promises to be hot from the sixteenth round, with a clash against Salva Oria and Nacho Sager!

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