Rumors continue to flow since the confirmation of the separation between Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno. The latest: a 100% association Bullpadel between Paquito Navarro and Pablo Cardona.

All is clearly not lost for Pablo Cardona! The young Spaniard who apparently had a possibility of playing with Stupa, before the Argentinian preferred Yanguas, is now announced alongside a former world number 1: Francisco Navarro Compan, Paquito for short.

Dropped by Lebron, who will try to move back to the left to evolve with Di Nenno, Navarro was forced to start looking for a new teammate. Obviously, he is a tall left-hander, with an offensive profile... Not Juan Martin Diaz, but Pablo Cardona, one of the most gifted young players in the padel World.

Not really relaxed with Lebron, will “Paco” be able to find joy again with the powerful 1m90 left-hander? After distinguishing himself alongside Javi Ruiz, Cardona has the opportunity to change dimension with a player of Navarro's caliber. If the native of Mérida manages to find more consistency, he could do very badly with a Paquito who will certainly have less pressure than with “El Lobo”…

For the moment the association has not been confirmed by the players but it seems very real. In your opinion, Pablo and Paquito will be able to form a pair capable of at least applying for the last four of the top tournaments?

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