Asked by our colleagues Relief, Paquito Navarro returned to the pair he forms with Juan Lebrón. Excerpts.

An explosive pair

“I don't know if we're going to struggle or not, probably yes, there will be difficult times and we'll have to hang on, but in that case I always say the same thing: give me some teammates like Lebrón, always give me teammates with this character and this will to win, and I will be happy to board the boat!”

“We're off to a bad start if it's up to me to hold the helm [laughs]… Maybe because of my age, I can try to calm things down when they're not going well, to bring a little moderation, but hey, I don't want to restrict the Wolf because I think it would be counterproductive. I want him to be himself, to have this character, this desire to win, that’s what took him to the top.”

Lebron Navarro smiles Sevilla P2 2024

Fighting for first place?

“It would be very hypocritical of me to say 'No, we're going to fight for third place, fourth place or just to be in the top eight', because with Lebrón I can't afford that. I take my responsibilities, if he called me, it was to try to fight for first place, to win tournaments. We’re going to try, no matter where we stop, but we’re going to try!”

“When you play with Lebrón you can't do anything other than want to win matches, tournaments and give everything. Lebrón is number one and he won't call you to fight for second, third, or fourth place; he will call you to fight for first place. So let’s give it a try and see if I can support him and get him where he deserves!”

Let us remember that Paquito and Juan are doing their entry into contention this evening in Asunción, facing the new pair composed of Ivan Ramirez and José Jimenez.

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