We told you yesterday, the new QSI/FIP circuit is already a reality. All the sports media relay the details of this Tour which will start in Doha in a little over a month. Reuters news agency has also devoted a subject to the future of padel professional, with in particular interventions of Paquito Navarro.

For the world number 3, this new circuit is “a big step forward” for the development of this sport. Recognizing the work done by the WPT in recent years, the Andalusian intends to play both circuits this year.

“I intend to play both circuits because I want to respect the contract with the World padel Tour, but we also want to be free to be able to earn a little bit more money. I respect the contract with the WPT but I think that the FIP/QSI circuit is the best solution. We want to be free and be able to play all the tournaments we want.”

For the moment the message seems to be clear: the players will participate in both circuits this season. It remains to be seen what will be the sanctions taken by the WPT against them. To be continued in the next episode.

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