We are used to seeing Paquito Navarro creative on the slopes of padel du World Padel Tour, but we know less about his talents as a poet. The Andalusian stood out on social networks with a phrase that resonated with many players.

On his account Instagram, Paquito sums up perfectly the padel :

”El padel es como un veneno, se te en el cuerpo y estas infectado para siempre ”.

Paquito Navarro Instagram Padel citation

" The padel is like a poison, it enters your body and you are infected forever. ”

This quote fully explains the feeling we get as fans of padel. Indeed, when we start the padel, we very quickly become addicted.

Le padel is an addictive sport in a good sense, it is fun and friendly, everyone is there. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, a competitor or a hobbyist, you have to have fun on the slopes. padel !

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