Paquito Navarro, who recently announced his association with Sanyo Gutiérrez for 2024, returned for our colleagues from Padel Addict on his year 2023 and how he sees things for next season.

Like his compatriot Momo Gonzalez, Navarro tried to pass to the right for a while but he quickly returned to the left: “I couldn’t adjust to the right, so I went back to my natural side.” And this return to the left, alongside Chingotto at the top of his form, worked rather well, with a solid season which ended in apotheosis with the Master Final title.

Despite this, the two friends will not renew their association in 2024. A time anticipated alongside Galan, Chingotto will finally evolve with Gonzalez, while Paquito will find a player with whom he shared the track no less than eight years old: Sanyo Gutiérrez.

With “El Mago”, the Andalusian intends to pose problems for the best: “Our goal is to annoy the pairs in front of us and fight to win a title. Then, anything additional will be welcome.”

Now 35 years old, and according to him still “two or three years at the highest level”, Paco remains ambitious but he is aware that it will be difficult to play the leading roles: “For me the favorites are Coello-Tapia and Lebrón-Galán”. Has the Seville native forgotten Di Nenno and Stupaczuk?

In any case, he strongly believes in Ale and Juan: “This year, the injuries did not leave them alone and they experienced, just like me, a roller coaster of emotions. But since they have been back in shape, they have shown what they are capable of. Without a doubt, if they continue together, they will fight to be or simply be number 1 next season. That is what is said!

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