Although nothing is official yet, Paquito Navarro has just given us confirmation that its association with Juan lebron will end… and with humor, what’s more. In fact, the Andalusian asked a very particular player if he was sure he had retired from the professional circuit.

While he is currently in Juan-Les-Pins for the Bullpadel Show 06, Paquito Navarro made a special request on X, formerly Twitter, to Juan Martin Diaz, asking him if he was “100% sure you opted out“. Indeed, as we know, Paco was dropped by Juan LeBron, who should now share the track with Martin Di Nenno, leaving his former partner somewhat abandoned.

For now, if we can understand which players Juan Lebron, Martin Di Nenno, Franco Stupaczuk and Mike Yanguas will play with, this is not yet the case for Paquito Navarro. Several questions remain around the Andalusian: will he stay on the left? Should he go back to the right? Wouldn't it be better to play left-handed? So many questions that Padel Intelligence had fun looking for the “ideal partner” for Paquito Navarro.

In any case, it was JMD that Paco set his sights on… or at least, he would have liked to! In any case, it is indeed towards a left-hander that the Sevillian turned.

Could this be a clue to finding your next partner? Suspense…

Gwenaelle Souyri

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