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Padel Map is a site that allows players to padel to discover the clubs near their home. But not only, since it also allows to leave comments on the clubs of padel. Padel Map is aimed in particular at francophones.

GOTO logoPADELGOTOPADEL is a multilingual site which allows all enthusiasts to padel to know the clubs near their home. But what it does more than Padel Map is that it allows to note the clubs that we know. The site is also more complete since it updates its database regularly. GOTOPADEL is the first European “MAP” network of padel.

Padel BuyingPadel Achat is the first French-speaking site for the sale of padel. It will allow you to order snowshoes, bags, padel at very competitive prices. Padel Purchase also produces exclusive items. What technologies are used by brands? What are they for ? How to buy a racket? etc.

alalucarne of real estate logo

A The real estate skylight supports Padel Magazine. Alalucarne Real Estate is a site that offers quality services in the real estate field: Sale / Purchase / Property hunter / Property valuation. This agency works throughout France and notably offers virtual tours to sellers. The goal is to save time for both sellers and buyers.