As we said recently, the French team of padel counts in its ranks many former good tennis players. It must be said that in France, a bit like in all countries in the world outside of Spain and Argentina, those who come from tennis are often the best at padel. In France, the exception to this “rule” is Bastien Blanqué.

Indeed, among all these players who started out in tennis, the Toulouse player has been an exception, already since 2012, the date of his first selection with the Blues (in Mexico). The five-time French champion, who in his own words “played a little tennis” does not have the past of some of his compatriots, like Max Moreau or Adrien Maigret, both -4/6 in tennis.

Bastien compensates in particular with an impeccable physique and a game after the glass which has no equal in France. At a time when more and more young people can start with padel, Blanqué remains an example for all those who do not have a past in tennis!

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