When separations of the pairs Gutiérrez / Sanchez, Arroyo / Alonso and Capra / Chozas were made official, several rumors saw Miguel Yanguas and Javi Garrido separating.

But the Andalusians, who are respectively in 10th and 11th place in the FIP ranking, have, for the moment at least, decided to stay together. Indeed, the Yanguas / Garrido pair is registered for P2 in Genova and P1 in Malaga.

If the two players have in some way reached a milestone this year with a final and two semi-finals, they remain somewhat irregular and sometimes take their heads a little too much on the track, notably with Garrido's serves which do not please too much in Yanguas…

Nevertheless, the two men, who have in common being young, talented and Andalusian, most certainly thought that they had no better short-term option than to continue sharing the track. Let's hope for them that this choice will pay off and that we will soon be able to see them shake up the current balance of forces!

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