There will be a new coach of the France Dames team for the world of 2020 paddle. Patrick Fouquet's adventure ends there.

La French Tennis Federation decided not to renew it after 3 beautiful years at the head offemale France team.

Le COMEX should soon be reunite to choose the new coaches for the French ladies and gentlemen team.

  • Was it a choice not to sue?

Unfortunately no. I wanted to continue the adventure with Team France. Inevitably, it is a disappointment because we worked a lot for the establishment of a high-performance French team and not only on the ground. With my friend Alexis Salles, we were building this team from France. With girls, I have had almost unexpected results. 3 beautiful years and I have no regrets.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me. I will continue my work in my club and continue the development of teaching. But I need to take a step back on the padel environment.

  • Looking back?

Even if we do work for the team, we do work where we are relatively alone.

We do not expect recognition from the team or the FFT. The goal is the team.

There are few people with whom you can really share the deep things. And with Alexis, we shared exceptional things.

We were a beautiful couple. There is a new DTN, Thierry Pham. I hope he will make the right choice and that Alexis will be reappointed at the head of the men's team.

  • The stars align, work will pay, and ...

And I'm leaving the ship. But it is not a personal choice. I wish the players good luck for the future. They are on a very good dynamic. I think I will leave the team and the overall situation of Team France in an ideal situation for the next big events. I will always follow France.

  • History will remember that ...

I am proud to have been the 1st coach of the French padel team under the FFT era.

We have built with Alexis ways of being and doing. We had a real teamwork in France.

We have started a real process of building the French team.

We did a great job with the young people. And today, France will be present at all the competitions I hope. She showed that she already had an interesting level for the rest of the adventures.

But there is obviously a lot of work.

What happened last October during the world youth in Spain: It was unexpected and we owe a proud candle to the French padel clubs.

France girls (4th) and boys (5th) obtained places which they did not expect. it shows the breeding ground that France has and its possibilities for progress.

  • Complicated moments?

We were in construction. Nothing is done in 2 minutes. The difficult moment was sometimes egos or a certain incompatibility between certain players on the France team. Sometimes you have to be able to juggle. Everything matters. And we know that a word can either motivate the group or destroy it.

The aim is to always preserve the balance of the team. And given the results, I think I answered this.

  • The cool moments?

We have always lived well as a team and with the boys. The results helped, we surfed on a wave of results. We still had additional resources to do the work. We have built over time by bringing things in every year.

  • Europe Lisbon: Bronze medal
  • Paraguay World Cup: 5th place among girls
  • Europe Rome: European title
  • Mondial Castellon: 4th

Rome is the most beautiful result. Despite the difficulties of the year, all the girls played their best level. On arrival we beat the Italian 3/0 while at the beginning of the week we were not sure if we could win. We did exactly the tournament we wanted to do. It is the most successful competition.

Today, we are on a good foundation. I wish the French team good luck for the future.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.