Paul Daulan: “I was struck by Andoni’s demands”

Paul Daulan, the protagonist of the series At the heart of padel, looks back in video on his first thirty days in Bilbao, as a student at the academy Padel Stuff. Extracts.

Improve yourself both as a player and as a coach

“At the end of the TFP, I had in mind to move, to go to Spain for a bit to see what was happening. This is where there are the most players, this is where there is the most perspective on practice, so I wanted to come here to try to improve both as a player but above all as a monitor.”

The reasons that pushed him to join Padel Stuff

“I had contact with Andoni (Bardasco), who was a professional player, who trained and played with the best players in the world, so he has that expertise. The contact went very well, he speaks French and there is no better way to communicate than to speak the same language. I also found him to be very educational. These are the three reasons that prompted me to come to Bilbao, a city located 2 hours from Pau, so it allows me not to be too far from my family and friends. That also tipped the scales.”

Spanish culture

“Bilbao is the country of pintxo. Here we eat at 16 p.m., we eat at midnight, whereas before I was used to eating at 00 a.m., noon, 08 p.m.… There is noise everywhere, but it's alive, and it's great. People spend time in bars, in restaurants, at the moment it's nice, it's hot, these are the aspects that I really like about Spanish life.”

The results after one month

“I learned a lot. What struck me the most was Andoni's demands, whether when he was coaching or when he was teaching me how to give lessons. His demands on the movement, on the legs, on the positions to be held, on the rhythm... All that is really interesting to see.

Then, we see that nothing is done at random, we have to try to understand why we do things, why we play in this place or that. Andoni insists on controlling the game, and all this is learned by having a solid foundation, and adding tools to your game little by little.

I still have a lot to learn, but I am very satisfied with this first month with Andoni.”

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