Brief interview with the director of snowshoes, padel and accessories at All Racket Sports USA, Phil Mintz. On the program: the Padel in the USA and Adidas novelties.

Padel Magazine : The USA being a leading country, is it true that the padel growing up here?

Phil Mintz: " Yes the padel is developing very well. I would even say that the courts are multiplying here. Right here in Miami, in less than a year, 4 new clubs have sprung up. Clubs are opening in New York, Texas, California, so we expect to see the padel grow at breakneck speed in the US.”

The Metalbone, between power and control

Padel Magazine : Adidas is already a very important and recognized brand in the United States and around the world. Here you have new palas, what are the brand's major novelties for this new 2022 collection?

Phil Mintz: ” For this 2022 collection, we have the two flagship models which are: the Metalbone 3.1, which uses Ale Galan especially. The racket has the "Weight & balance" weight management system allowing to change the balance of the pala, or the general weight which can be modified up to 12g. We used 36k carbon fiber, with a ratio of 2/1, which means that the surface of the pala is quite hard, but the "core" is more flexible and allows for better overall balance between power and control. “

” The Adipower is made for attackers “

Padel Magazine : Beside you can see the Adipower, what differentiates it from the Metalbone?

Phil Mintz: " For the Adipower that Seba Nerone liked so much (now freshly retired), it also has a fairly hard carbon fiber which is combined with a very textured surface. In addition, it contains a hard "core", which immediately optimizes the racquet for power. The ball will literally "explode" on impact with the pala, but the slices and drop shots will also be highlighted with this textured part on the racquet. It is rather made for players who have an "attacker" profile!

The 3rd pala we have is that of Martita Ortega, who also plays with an Adipower but which is different from the one presented just before. In terms of design and construction of the pala, it's the same thing with just a softer core than for that of Nerone. The pala will therefore have more "control", and even if it will generate fewer powerful blows, it will allow you to put a lot of energy back into the returns. It's a well-balanced racquet, with more emphasis on power, but always with the aim of combining power and control. “

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