This Friday begins the main draw of FIP Rise Sweden number 4. As you will see later, if it is still impossible to bet on the padel in France, we can absolutely do it in Sweden.

Indeed, Betsson, sports betting site and sponsor of the competition, offers fans the opportunity to bet on the winners of the competition.

We notice among the French that Seurin and Vives, who form the 3rd seed, have a rating of 4.5.

For Raichman and the Dutch Roper, the odds are 8. Basically, if you bet €10 and the Franco-Dutch pair wins the tournament, you make €70 profit!

Given the state of form of Manu Vives in the last tournaments, and the checkered level of Philémon Raichman, if one of these players made it to the end of the competition, it would be a very big surprise, hence the rather high ratings. Philémon, who knows very well that French fans cannot bet anyway, seems to have fun with this rather high odds with a humorous message on Instagram!

Agree with the French player? More generally, what do you think of the odds of the three French players?

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