Padel Magazine - Philippe and Patrick Lagarrosse, respectively President and Vice-President of TC Bordeaux, have taken on the challenge of being one of the first tennis clubs in the Bordeaux region to have invested in a padel court. And the least we can say is that more and more people are playing padel, here at Tennis Club Bordeaux, many people from the club are interested in this new phenomenon and this is only the beginning of adventure. They gave us an exclusive interview to introduce us to the club, their possibilities and their ambitions.

How did you find out about the Padel ?

We knew the Padel during a trip to Argentina 25 years ago.

What motivated the idea of ​​setting up this field here at TC Bordeaux? And how long have you had this project?

It was already 3 or 4 years we thought to put one, and it is the idea of ​​the padel now at the FFT who really decided to ride this padel track.

It's a big tennis club, what's the attendance?

One of the 5 big clubs of Bordeaux, 700 members around with a thousand players in the year.

Does this new field attract the curiosity of tennis players?

Yes, of course, many club managers have come to see the pitch and the players are very curious to see and try the padel. The children enjoy themselves a lot like adults.

What is the plan to coax tennis players?

From March 2015, we will be doing small tournaments over a weekend and also launching the Padel Infinity Tour, as well as activities during the Halloween holidays for our members.

You have installed a nice lot ...

We have set up a padel field of the group Becker specializing in tennis because he already took care of us for the tennis courts. This avoided having several entrepreneurs.

How does it go if a player wants to play at home?

This is an hourly rental of 6 € with supplied material + 1 € for light (when it is necessary) per person, ie 24 € / person / hour.

Players can make their reservation directly at the club or on the internet, on our website and also by phone at

What would you tell people to come and discover the padel and play on your land?

It is a very playful sport, which pleases everyone, whether you come from a racket sport or not.

Here all the people who discovered it, want to replay the padel.

We placed the field right next to the club house because it was essential for us that people quickly see the land and thanks to the terrace, we appreciate the spectacle that can offer the padel.

The padel is more quickly accessible than tennis.

Small courses will be provided for members to try.

What is your ambition around Padel ?

We know that the padel will interest tennis players and attract a lot of new people. It will especially allow the members of the club to discover a new sport of racket really very playful and very pleasant to play and to watch.

It can accommodate more people, 4 people on a field instead of 2 and therefore it will increase the number of players and potential players on a day.

And also to diversify the activities of the club because in addition to tennis, billiards and ping pong, we now offer a tennis court. Padel brand new. And a second will come quickly if this one works well.

Padel magazine - Clément Arico

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.