You play padel regularly but feel that you find it hard to hold on as soon as the pace increases. It could be very beneficial to train your basic endurance.

When you start padel, and you don't have a history of racket sport, the points don't always last very long and you don't not spending a lot of time under stress. At this point, the most important is improve his padel technique, in order to make fewer mistakes and to be able to make more exchanges.

But when the technique improves it can happen that the body does not follow any more. So we end up having a technique to hold the exchange but it's the fatigue that prevents us from doing so, and one often finds oneself breathless without having provided an extremely intense effort. At this stage, it is interesting to work on your basic endurance.

Indeed, before working in split or do HIIT, it is first of all essential to have “a good case”. It will therefore be necessary for a few weeks to perform one or two jogging sessions per week, lasting 45 to 60 minutes, until being able to run all this time in perfect breathing ease. Regarding the pace, for those who have a heart rate monitor, remember that you must stay around 70% of your Maximum Heart Rate, without ever exceeding 75%. For those who don't have one but who have the VMA test, remember that you must run at a pace close to 60% of the AMV.

Basic endurance is not just for beginners, it is complementary to high intensity work and must therefore be practiced regularly. For the confirmed, do not hesitate to do a basic endurance jogging once a week, between more intense sessions, in particular to improve your recovery.

For those who have joint discomfort when running, you can work on your basic endurance when cycling trips, provided you perform slightly longer sessions.

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