Pierre Perez Le Tiec looks back on his recent victory with Jérémy Garcia at the P1000 from Créteil. He also shares his strengths and goals with us.

The meeting with Damien Lozano…

“I played for the first time at padel in 2019 at the friendly club of Padel Arena in Rouen, where I am from. I immediately understood that it was a sport that I could enjoy and which, above all, does not awaken the pain that I can feel on a tennis court. I only played very rarely in the first years, around ten times a year including a few tournaments with Victor Humbert my first partner, and it was only in November 2022, when I met Damien Lozano, that I started to play tournaments more regularly (P500 then P1000).

Pierre Perez Le Tiec and Damien Lozano

With Damien, we took the steps one by one almost exclusively together, whether in the rankings or on the field. It wasn't always easy and we had to wait quite a long time before winning our first P1000 title.

We cannot set up real training sessions because we are very busy with our professional lives and because we live 800 kilometers from each other. But by playing together, we managed to progress and improve our game little by little. The fact that he and I were good at tennis gave us a kind of foundation that we could build on.”

“I am lucky to have met Damien, who is a character! He's a memory machine and ever since I've known him, he's taken me on his adventures.

Thanks to him, I discovered the island of Reunion, which he knows very well, where we played a P1000. But because of him, I almost missed the plane since for a departure planned for Sunday evening at Orly, we were stuck at the P1500 in Bordeaux the same morning with his car broken down and a national SNCF strike….”

Points to work on

“I try to be as complete as possible but there are still many aspects of my game that I would like to improve over time. I think I'm smart on the track, I love the tactical dimension of padel and I also think I have a rather decent “hand”, which allows me to direct the game as I wish without too much waste. Concerning my weak points, I prefer to keep them to myself so as not to give too much information to my future opponents (laughs).”

Her goals

“I am a tennis and padel at the Country Sports Club in Perreux-sur-Marne. We have organized ourselves so that from the next school year I can dedicate more time to padel and take part in more tournaments than in previous years. I hope to soon enter the French top 30 and, over time, get a little closer to the best. E

given that traveling the French circuit generates numerous costs, I will have no other choice than to find partners or sponsors to support me in my sporting project. I hope that the coming year will be a turning point which will allow me, if the results follow, to consider other perspectives.”

Victory at the P1000 in Créteil with Jérémy Garcia

“The tournament generally went well for us with a very competitive semi-final. In the final, we found tactical solutions which allowed us to gain the upper hand and maintain the pressure throughout the match. We are very happy with the result because Yanis and Jérémy are very competitive opponents.”

Dorian Massy

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