For the first time, no less than 8 professional players made the trip to take part in the US MASTERS of Padel!

Leading the way, Fede Quiles (No. 9 worldwide) was present to promote this sport that knows an unprecedented boom on the other side of the Atlantic. Even the French 1 Jeremy Scatena had responded favorably to Nallé Grinda's invitation to support an American player Sean Posner. Unfortunately, this Franco-American pair fell from the first lap but recovered by reaching the final of the consoling.

The other Frenchman in the table and currently number 1 in the US Nallé Grinda standings climbed to the final with his US partner Wayne Boich. Not without difficulty since they had to fight hard 7 / 6-7 / 6 to eliminate the seeded 1 Adrian Beltramino and Damian Diez (ARG) in the quarter then the Argentine pair "Toto" Calniggia (No. 40 world) and Facundo 12-10 at the tie-break of 3e by saving 2 match balls!

In the other semifinal, the 2 seeded Pipo Gonzalez and "Gata" Briner (formerly 1 Argentinian) qualified easily at the expense of Pablo Corominas and Dani Homedes from Catalonia for the occasion.

The final looked promising between the undefeated pair on his land and the Argentinian favorites. The public came many throughout the 4 days was entitled to a fierce fight between 2 pairs in the opposite style.

On the one hand the regularity and the science of the game for the Argentineans, on the other the aggressive aggressiveness and the power of the 2 "twin towers" Franco-American. They tried to take advantage of the conditions indoors extremely fast to rush the net at the slightest opportunity and it almost succeed them in the first set since they had 1 set ball before a small blow of the lot makes them lose the set on a ball let. The second set was also played but they ended up surrendering with a break in the final game. 7 / 6-6 / 4 for Gonzalez-Briner. First defeat of the year for Nallé Grinda on the US circuit but without demerit against such tough opponents.

Nallé-Boish winner Masters padel miami

Note that the next stage will take place right after the Palma de Mallorque World Championships. From 7 to November 9 in Houston, Texas, this tournament will be the second and final tournament sanctioned by the FIP and therefore earn points in the world rankings. This promises the presence of many international players including the entire national team of Mexico as well as that of Canada.

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Editor's note: Article co-produced with the French Team Nallé Grinda and Jérémy Scatena

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.