While Premier Padel was put in place mainly thanks to the support of professional players – and in particular that of the top 10 in the world – who no longer wished to continue with the World Padel Tour, for several weeks, we have observed an almost unexpected turnaround in the situation.

Some players are starting to get annoyed behind the scenes of the new professional circuit.

A “too rapid” adherence to Premier Padel ?

These professional players, a good number of whom are Spanish-speaking and part of the top 150 in the world, believe that “perhaps we were too quick in choosing to opt for Premier Padel".

An astonishing questioning when we know to what extent the functioning of the World Padel Tour has been annoying a good number of them for many years.

World Padel Tour Premier Padel Fusion 2024

What some players point out are also the tournament organizers, who are “less followed than at the time and have too many fields to respect”. A criticism which therefore points out the circuit Premier Padel in itself but also certain promoters who according to them “do not respect their commitments”.

Chile’s P1 “illustrates the problem encountered”

And the start of the Chile event, which was postponed until today due to problems on the courts, is not really going to ease tensions: “we have track problems, operational problems and a disorganization which does not does not put in good conditions the players who sometimes pay a lot of money to come there.”

“We have the impression of revisiting certain scenes from the time of World Padel Tour : we bet everything on the best players in the world, we pamper them, we do everything for them, and what happens behind them, we neglect.”

“The problem is that in the end, the circuit owes a lot to the best players in the world. Without the support of the top 10, Premier Padel would not have existed. However, they were already privileged on the World Padel Tour. The change was also and especially for the players who are behind, but we have the impression that we were lied to a little and in the end those who already had a lot, have even more.”

“We had this change stolen”

Very strong words, spoken by players who have experienced the before, the transition and the current professional circuit. “It is possible that a new collective of professional players located beyond 30th place in the world will emerge in the coming months. In any case, it’s in keeping with the times.”

“This collective would mainly bring together Spanish-speaking players. Obviously, the idea is not to make people believe that there are two types of professional players, but it is important to note that it is much more difficult for Spanish-speaking players to find a place on this circuit. And we understand it in a certain way: the brands and the circuit are banking on the internationalization of the padel. The second Argentine or Spanish knives are left on the square. And the change is actually very expensive for all those lower-ranked players who used to play tournaments in Spain.”

“A Spaniard is not treated the same as an Italian”

“The idea is not to oppose but just to note that a Spaniard and an Italian, for example, are not treated in the same way. This is why expectations may not be similar between these two player profiles.”

“A Spanish player in the world top 100 can struggle and be forced to work on the side to try to continue the adventure of the professional circuit.”

“A player who is neither Spanish nor Argentinian and who is part of the world's top 300 can perfectly cope and succeed in earning a living thanks to sponsors from his country of origin. And once again, we understand it, and so much the better. As there are almost only Spaniards and Argentines at the top of the world rankings, the second tier of these nationalities are put aside.”

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The players do not mince their words regarding the role of the FIP in the administration of the padel professional: “We have nothing against the FIP, but without being insulting, this federation is the puppet of Premier Padel and QSI. Everyone knows that the FIP turned around because the grass was greener elsewhere, especially for them. If she cared about the players first, she wouldn't have waited for QSI to make changes. If Premier Padel reacts, the FIP will follow.”

It's getting louder and louder on the professional circuit. The demands are multiplying:

  1. The organization of tournaments padel is increasingly singled out.
  2. The difference in treatment between Spanish-speaking players and players from developing countries is increasingly felt.

For the moment, these demands remain behind the scenes and in our opinion embryonic, but we can clearly see that behind the glitter lies a rumbling of which Premier Padel definitely needs to be taken care of before this goes any further.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.