As the beautiful days return, and despite a health situation still compromised, it is the ideal time to participate in a training course. padel and polish your technique before the tournament season.

Decryption with the Twenty by Ten team (specialist in the padel in Europe) the components and advantages of the internship, the various services on the market, in particular with the “resort” offer which combines business with pleasure. Follow the leader…


You may be part of this category of players who play all the time with the same acolytes, who do not progress or very little for lack of taking lessons. Worse, you develop bad gambling habits, and your technique leaves a lot to be desired. In short, it is the "disaster". And if the solution was the internship of padel ?

The stay of padel allows you to perform in-depth work in a relatively short period of time thanks to intensive training under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. This is all the more true in this rather special period, where a trainee will be able to work (in safety) all aspects of his game (technique, tactics, physique, match situations as well as mental) in order to to get into the best possible conditions before the tournament season resumes.

"The difference in the level of play of the trainees between the first and the last day of the training course is considerable" says Jérôme Schaeffer (coach of padel certified, trainer at the All In Center Padel Sports of Bouc-Bel-Air, and Head Internship coach Padel Experience by Twenty by Ten).


Favor providers who use coaches padel certified and experienced. You will find yourself in good hands to work in detail on all aspects of the game.

Also benefit from continuous coaching throughout the internship, which will allow you to assimilate the knowledge a little more. The best providers also offer video sessions which allow the player's technique and positioning on the court to be analyzed in great detail. Taken together, all these aspects will allow real progress to be made in just a few days.

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Internship services padel vary enormously, and sometimes it is better to pay a little more to avoid the cold morning shower and especially the injuries: poorly maintained courts, uncertified coaches, sloppy warm-ups, outdated club infrastructures etc.

This is why Twenty by Ten offers internships in the prestigious context of the Mouratoglou Academy (Sophia-Antipolis), in the heart of the Mouratoglou Resort, a 12 hectare complex in a dream setting dedicated to sport and relaxation.

“The high-end services of the Mouratoglou Resort, located in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, allow our customers to combine business with pleasure. The player progresses while having fun on and off the court. They can also enjoy an ultra pleasant setting and the spa and yoga options offered so that they can fully relax with family or friends. » Michaël Kuzaj (coach padel certified and responsible for internships at Twenty by Ten).

The internship padel It even becomes a “saving break” in the year for customers, and in particular for groups of friends who use it a bit as a pretext to get together for the holidays, all in a different place.

"We quickly developed a regular clientele, particularly with the group offer: clients ask us to organize an internship for them in a different place every year while benefiting from Twenty by Ten services" Michaël informs us.

The player can also come accompanied and enjoy the padel while knowing that his spouse will also be able to relax by taking advantage of the services of the resort where he is doing his internship. “We often welcome couples, where the wife or husband wants to participate in the internship while ensuring that their partner can relax and enjoy the Resort facilities on their side. " Michaël Kuzaj.


Due to its format (group training in a different setting), the course promotes new encounters and different game situations. The player also has to get used to new playing conditions often outdoors. He must know how to tame the wind, the sun, which can be frustrating for those who are used to indoors. But once you get a taste for it, it becomes very pleasant to play in the sun and in often slower playing conditions.

With the shorter match formats and the many rotations available, the player finds himself confronted with different styles and levels of play that push him to adapt. The goal being that he finds himself outside his comfort zone to better progress.

It is also the role of the coaches to create homogeneous groups over the duration of the course (and to make changes if necessary), while ensuring that the player will have confronted all the players of the course as well as coaches just to push him to his limits ...

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The courses allow women to compete against men and vice versa, and there can often be surprises in terms of level of play: “Men often think they are stronger than women, which is not always the case; because women, even if they play slower and are less powerful, compensate by playing more intelligently than the latter who tend to force and make the mistake first ” Jérôme confides to us with a mischievous smile.


The situation of matches is predominant during a course. Each training session must end with points in order to break the exercise routine and put the player under pressure through game situations.

Some organizations, like Twenty by Ten, go even further by offering inter-club meetings, which bring a more granular dimension to the camp by adding a dynamic “competition” which reveals the true personality of the player. This makes it possible to evaluate in situation the progress made as well as the axes of progression to be worked on.


If you want to take a step forward, perfect your physical condition while relaxing in a pleasant and friendly environment, do not hesitate to contact the Twenty by Ten team, which offers courses adapted to your desires and your budget.


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