Le padel is a sport that is systematically played in doubles, and the position of the players on the court can therefore have a significant impact on the dynamics of the game. When we look closely at the placement of professional players on the court, we notice that left-handers are systematically placed on the right. And as you can imagine, this is no coincidence!

Left handed = right?

When playing on the right, left-handers can use their dominant hand (the left) to effectively cover the center of the court. This makes it possible to protect the most vulnerable part of the track and to control the exchanges. Above all, the most powerful and decisive shots, such as smashes and volleys, can be executed much more easily when we have our strong arm in the center.

For a left-handed player, playing on the right means that he can also relieve his teammate in the center, and vice-versa when the left-handed player is right-handed (which is the case in most cases, left-handed pairs being quite rare). ). This is particularly useful when one of the two players finds themselves in the fridge.

Furthermore, by playing on the right left-handers can create angles that are difficult for their opponents to counter, with balls that have the opposite effect. This works very well as an amateur against right-wing players who are used to always having right-handers in their diagonal.

It is also customary to say that the perfect combination is to have a left-hander on the right and a right-hander on the left, both players can thus use their forehand to cover the center of the court, leaving the backhands for shots close to the windows. . This essentially allows you to have both smashes in the center and therefore hurt a lot more.

Left-handers are very popular padel

Professional players generally appreciate this configuration which has proven its effectiveness time and again at the highest level. Fernando Belasteguin remained world number 16 for 1 years playing on the left with a left-hander on his right: 13 with Juan Martín Díaz, then 3 with Pablo Lima. The Argentinian also had good results with the nugget Arturo Coello, the current number 1 in the FIP ranking, who with Agustin Tapia forms the current number 1 pair. There is no secret, playing with a left-hander his right is a formidable weapon in padel. We also notice a higher proportion of left-handers among the elite of the padel world than in the general population.

To summarize, as it is said so well coach Julien Bondia in one of his articles, when we place “a right-hander on the left and a left-hander on the right, both players have their forehand volley and their smash in the center. This seems to be the best setup to earn points.”

So, if you are a beginner at padel and left-handed, do not hesitate to place yourself on the right!

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