While the first part of the round of 16 of the Premier Padel Asuncion P2 had been rather calm, with the favorites generally in control, the second part offered us matches with twists and turns.

Indeed, no less than six pairs won after losing the first round. In total, eight matches were decided in three sets yesterday, out of the fourteen that were played.

Among the most notable results for women, we think of the elimination of pair 9, Osoro / Goenaga, beaten 7/6 5/7 6/7 in 3h05 by Marina Guinart and Araceli Martinez, or even the victory of qualified Ortiz and Gallardo Salvado against Nuria and Maria Rodriguez. The young Spanish girls manage to qualify for their first eighth after conceding a 6/0 in the first round (0/6 6/3 6/4)!

Among the men, the little surprise of the day is the victory of Javi Ruiz and Pablo Cardona against the pair number 8, Sanchez / Gutierrez, again with a comeback: 3/6 6/3 6/4. Note that the young Cardona will have achieved 30 winning smashes during this meeting, it is quite simply the record this season! As with the ladies, there was a three-hour match for the men, and it saw Lucho Capra and Alex Chozas win against Gil / Moyano after a very botched start: 2/6 6/1 7/ 6.

In the midst of all these crazy matches, the best pairs, whether on the men's or women's side, did not do well, as evidenced by the quick victories of Coello / Tapia, Stupa / Di Nenno, Yanguas / Garrido and Riera/Araujo. All results here.

This Thursday, it's time for the eighth with the entry into contention of the big favorites among the ladies, and matches which promise to be very interesting between pairs who left some energy last night. We are thinking in particular of a Leal / Campagnolo vs Cardona / J.Ruiz which promises to be hot!

The program :

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