Defeated in the round of 16 of the Sevilla Open by Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga, Juan Tello and Fernando Belasteguin returned to victory in Paraguay.

The Argentinians, who were opposed to their compatriots Valenzuela and Demian Coello, from qualifying, did the job with a victory in 1h24: 6/3 6/4. A success not necessarily easy but logical for the favorites who knew how to make their experience speak when necessary against two young people who will have played their luck to the fullest. Bela did not fail to highlight the performance of his cadets in his post-match publication.

From now on, the 5 seed will seek to qualify for a first quarter-final in this Asuncion P2. Miguel Sciorilli's players will play Thursday in the round of XNUMX against Juanlu Esbri and Enrique Goenaga, a match that promises to be interesting against one of their tormentors from Seville!

It should be noted that there has yet to be any real surprise in Paraguay, with the top seeds winning each time. Will we be entitled to the first sensation this Wednesday?

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