The men's semi-finals ultimately did not deliver any surprises since the number 1 and 2 seeds did the work to reach the final in Paraguay. But it was hard, especially for Arturo and Agustin, who had to save two match points!

“Chingalan” still in the final

The Chingotto / Galan pair faced Stupaczuk / Di Nenno yesterday in the semi-final of the P2 in Asunción. The Superpibes, beaten by “Chingalan” in the final of Sevilla P2, absolutely wanted to take their revenge in Paraguay. And the Argentinians started the match with a bang, quickly taking the service of their opponents.

Sharper at the start of the match, Franco and Martin won the first set 6 games to 3 and seemed well on their way to taking revenge on “Chingalan”. But Ale and Fede are full of confidence since their title in Brussels, and as expected, they managed to raise their level of play from the start of the second round. The steamroller set in and Carlos Pozzoni's players did not have the weapons to respond. The second and third were a demonstration for Galan and Chingotto who qualified (already) for their fourth final together thanks to a 3/6 6/2 6/2 victory in just 1h47.

The stats of our colleagues from Padel Intelligence :

Coello and Tapia save two match points

It was not without difficulty that the Coello/Tapia pair reached the final. Indeed, doubt set in for the numbers 1 when they conceded the first round 6-2 against Paquito Navarro and Juan LeBron. But the strength of character and mentality of Gustavo Pratto's players allowed them to have an almost perfect second round, with not the slightest game conceded, and a total of only six points lost!

We seemed to be heading towards a correction in the decisive set, but that was without counting on the mentality of the former number 1s, Paquito and Juan. The Andalusians did not let themselves be defeated by this scathing 6/0 and returned to the fight. Better still, they managed to get two match points at 4/5, unfortunately for them, both were saved by their opponents. As is often the case in such a situation, once off the ropes, Tapia and Coello continued, winning three games in a row to qualify for their sixth final of the season. Final score: 2/6 6/0 7/5.

The stats of the match, always signed Padel Intelligence :

Who will have four titles first?

Fede Chingotto Ale Galan Arturo Coello Agustin Tapia Sevilla Premier Padel P2

It's simple, before the final of this Paraguayan P2, three players won three titles in 2024: Arturo Coello, Agustin Tapia and Ale Galan, while Chingotto has two. You understood, at least one player will be this evening the first to reach four titles this season.

For the moment, the dynamic is in favor of Ale and Fede, who remain on two coronations in Brussels and Seville, and on two victories against Coello / Tapia.

Are we going to be entitled to a response from the number 1s this Sunday? Response after ladies final, scheduled for 22:00 p.m.!

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