The first to have won four titles in 2024 are Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia! Gustavo Pratto's players won a great fight in the Asuncion P2 final against Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto.

When Duos 1 and 2 face off, it's usually a little celebration for the audience. And last night, the fans present in Paraguay were not disappointed. Indeed, the two best current pairs of the padel world offered them three sets and a suspenseful end to the match: what could be better!

In the end, each pair had their moments, but it was the number 1s and in particular Arturo Coello who were the strongest at the end of the match. As proof, “Chingalan” only won one point in the decisive tie-break…

As you will see in the stats, Ale Galan once again delivered a major performance, but for once, Fede Chingotto missed the event a little, with 8 unforced errors and only 6 winning points...

If Galan finishes the match as the champion in winning points to unforced fouls ratio – a habit among Madrilenians – it was Coello who weighed in on the meeting when it really needed to. Highly requested by Jorge Martinez's players who had decided to leave Tapia in the fridge most of the time, the native of Valladolid took his responsibilities at the best time and in his wake, his team won a fourth title in 2024. Final score : 6/1 3/6 7/6 (1).

Pairs 1 and 2 are now at 2/2 in their clashes and we seem to be heading towards a real hand to hand between these two pairs for first place this season. Will we find Gustavo Pratto's players and those of Jorge Martinez in the final in Argentina next Sunday? To your predictions!

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