The title is obviously a bit harsh: Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez have recorded two semi-finals and a final in the last three tournaments, results that would satisfy almost any other pair in the world, but Ari and Paula are not two ordinary players …

The women coached by Angel Gonzalez are in first place in the ranking and it is anything but a coincidence. Last year, they dominated the debates, and they were set to do the same in 2024 with their two titles won in Doha and Riyadh.

Paula Josemaria Ariana Sanchez

But behind, the machine stalled with an elimination in the first round in Acapulco which left more traces than expected. Absent in Venezuela, Ari and Paula intended to resume their march forward from the Brussels P2, but they were stopped in the semi-final by Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez in a big match played in three sets. A final four for a resumption tournament, it's ultimately not so bad, especially since the players of Team 100% Head took revenge on Claudia and Gemma at the following tournament in Belgium, where they reached the final. But this final was completely missed by the numbers 1, who were crushed by the pair of the moment, Brea / Gonzalez (6/1 6/1).

A bad match against a pair in a state of grace, that can always happen, but the problem is that this Saturday in Paraguay, Ari and Paula lost again to Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez. Another defeat in a three-set match which is worrying. As in Brussels, the number 1s will not have missed opportunities, but they will still have missed too many in hot moments...

Due to a major lack of confidence, the bosses of the circuit are in difficulty. We usually say that it is in complicated moments that we see who the real champions are. It therefore goes without saying that the performance of Angel Gonzalez's players at P1 in Mar Del Plata will be scrutinized by everyone.

In the meantime, we will follow the Asuncion final this evening with attention, since it could allow Brea and Gonzalez to sign a fourth coronation in a row, or the young Claudia Fernandez to win her very first title at this level!

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