Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron got off to a flying start at Premier Padel Asuncion P2 with a 6/0 6/0 victory in 51 minutes against José Jimenez and Ivan Ramirez.

Take two young players playing their first tournament together and put them against two former world number 1s in a state of grace and you get a huge jaw drop.

When Paquito and “El Lobo” play their best padel, it's not good to be in front. Jimenez and Ramirez learned it the hard way this Tuesday. Corrected 6/0 6/0, Fernando Poggi's players took a real lesson in padel on the central track of this Paraguayan P2. The two young men will now have a week to recover…

For their part, Paquito and Juan are starting the South American tour in the best way. Whatever happens, they will be favorites in their eighth against the winners of the match between Gutierrez / Rico and the pair from the previas Gamondi / Dehnike.

To follow the rest of the matches in Asunción this Tuesday evening:

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