End of qualifications Premier Padel Asuncion P2 this Monday and unfortunately for French fans, the last round of previas will be played without members of the French delegation.

Bastien Blanqué and Dylan Guichard, who had took a set from Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger two months ago in Mexico, hoped to do at least as well this Sunday in Asuncion. But unfortunately for the French, they came across an Argentine pair much more inspired than in March. In fact, it took just over an hour for the prodigies to get rid of the French duo. Final score 6/2 6/4 for Leo and Tino who qualify for the last round of previas. Today they will meet the pair Dominguez / Patiniotis for a match which promises to be hot.

Among the girls, we followed the journey of the Franco-Spanish pair Touly / Fito. Unfortunately for them, the Carla were subjected to the law of the 2nd seed in qualifying, Piltcher / Castillon. Final score 6/4 6/1 for the Spanish-Brazilian pair, who will face the Lopez / Peralta pair for a place in the final table.

A final table in which we will find, as almost always, only one member of the French delegation, Alix Collombon, who will make her debut in the competition tomorrow with Julieta Bidahorria against Ariadna Cañellas and Teresa Navarro. The Lyonnaise has a sort of revenge to take since she lost to these two players with Amanda Girdo in Riyadh.

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