Things are moving once again among professional players, and the Premier Padel Asuncion P2 will allow us to see several new pairs at work on the men's side.

As we told you yesterday, Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga have decided to part ways. The first will be associated with Paraguay with the left-handed Barahona, who (already) closes his chapter with “Pincho” Fernandez. The second, in the absence of Javi Rico, who will not travel to Asuncion, will team up with Juanlu Esbri.

For his part, Fernandez will share the track with Javi Martinez.

Another promising new pair will be to follow in the main draw: Jose Jimenez / Ivan Ramirez.

See the list of registrants below:

On the women's side, we notice that things are not moving, except that Barbara Las Heras and Victoria Iglesias, disappointing at the start of the season, are not going to see Paraguay...

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