Are we witnessing a change in governance on the women's circuit? While Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez are in full doubt, their runners-up won a fourth consecutive coronation at Premier Padel Asuncion P2.

In a rematch of the Brussels P2 final, Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez were again very solid to win in straight sets. Dominant in the first set, the “Superpibas” were a little tighter in the second set but they knew how to work harder when necessary.

As you will see in the stats of the meeting, provided by our colleagues from Padel Intelligence, the difference was especially made on the right diagonal, where Delfi Brea delivered a high quality copy with 23 winning points for only 7 unprovoked faults. The young Claudia Fernandez, who is chasing a first career title, suffered in her face to face with Argentina…

Thanks to this success, Jorge Martinez's players won a fourth title in 2024 and clearly established themselves as the pair in form of the moment. Pumped up, they arrive in Argentina full of confidence. In front of an audience who will be completely committed to the cause of Delfi, will the numbers 2 be able to make the pass from 5?

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