The verdict is in: the wild-cards for Betclic Premier Padel Bordeaux P2, which will take place from June 9 to 16, have been assigned. Benjamin Tison, high level manager padel at the FFT, explains the choices on Franck Binisti's microphone.

A joint decision with Jean-Thomas Peyrou

“We did everything in pairs with Jean-Thomas Peyrou (tournament co-director, editor’s note). This is an agreement that we have between the Federation and Betclic Premier Padel from Bordeaux. It turns out that we agreed on all the choices, there was no need to decide. »

A strategic choice for the ladies

“The competition is tough even among the girls, I am thinking of Léa Godallier and Charlotte Soubrié who requested a wild card for the final draw. What made us decide was that Jessica Ginier and Carla Touly would not qualify if we gave it to Léa and Charlotte. We preferred to give it to Jessica and Carla to have four French women in the tournament (five with Alix Collombon, editor’s note). The more people, the better. It's a little hard for Léa since she is French number 2, she is also returning from maternity, but the collective won out over individuality. Jessica and Carla deserved it with their level of play. It's a strategic choice. With this position, I often have choices to make for the French teams, for internships, it's what I like least about my job. »

Ginier Touly victory FIP Rise Sweden 2024

Guichard and Blanqué preferred to Moreau and Bergeron

“Among the men, it seemed obvious to us that Thomas Leygue, as French number 1 and due to his age, deserved the wild card. He plays with Aris Patiniotis, who is a very good player but we could have asked the question of the fact that he is not French. In Italy, to have the wild card, it must be two Italians. We didn't prioritize that.

Thomas Leygue Puerto Cabello P2

Behind, the second wild card was played between Dylan Guichard / Bastien Blanqué (who got it) and Max Moreau / Johan Bergeron. This is perhaps where we had the most difficulty choosing. Max Moreau is French number 2, he has more points with Johan than Dylan and Bastien. We know that the ranking Premier Padel is done over the last two seasons and what interests us is the current year. Dylan and Bastien had won a few more matches. Bastien is the reigning French champion, Dylan is younger, and federal sports policy is based on youth. I can understand that Max is disappointed once again, but I've only been here since January, and I can only justify this year's choices and not those of the past. »

Vanbauce, Joris, Maigret and Seurin also invited

“Max and Jo did not need a wild card in qualifying, we gave it to Thomas Vanbauce and Maxime Joris: they are young and from Bordeaux, they have good recent results. Behind, we gave the other to Adrien Maigret and Julien Seurin. Julien enters sports politics and Adrien is a historic member of the French team. We hesitated to give it to Timéo Fonteny and Yoan Boronad, but we said to ourselves that it was a little early and that Adrien and Julien deserved it too. »

Wild-cards Premier Padel P2 Bordeaux French

Not so easy choices

“Adrien Maigret knows that there is a strong knock on the door, that there are real professional projects that are being created more and more. He doesn't have this plan and he accepts it. This is a reflection that we had with Jean-Thomas. Julien is in a strong project, he and Adrien made a semi-final in a FIP in Sweden, they deserved a little more at the moment. I'm going to have to make choices that will be difficult in the future, but I don't have perfect knowledge, I'm not always right.

I don't find it easy and it's always very hard. There are lots of parameters to take into account: the project, the level, etc. We try to involve as many people as possible to have different opinions and to question ourselves. »

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